The Next Move


After an entire year of owning our boat, we finally left the dock. Although we quickly found another one in Bimini.

We made it to Bimini in mostly one piece.   It took us two days to cross the Gulf Stream. The first day we headed down to No Name Harbor just outside of Miami. We didn’t leave directly from Fort Lauderdale for two reasons: first we have heard it is better to catch the Gulf Stream a little farther south and second the bridges in Fort Lauderdale don’t open until 7 am.   We had three bridges to get through and needed to start about 3 am for our journey. Therefore, we spent the first night at anchor in No Name Harbor and headed out bright and early the next morning.

The water and winds were a little rough both days, but this was our weather window and we were going to take it. We had plans to spend a night in Bimini and then make our way to Nassau. Well, the weather decided not to cooperate with our plans and we ended up in Bimini for 5 nights. This was extremely unfortunate as my parents were planning on meeting us in Nassau. From a practical standpoint, we were able to accomplish a few things like finally getting our internet set up, figuring out the new water maker and diagnosing the issue with our port engine which reared it’s ugly head in the Gulf Stream

Even though we didn’t plan on spending a lot of time in Bimini, it was a good first stop in the Bahamas. It is a teeny tiny island about 2 blocks wide with friendly people and a great beach.

The next leg of our trip was from Bimini to Nassau, 120 nautical miles.  I am writing this to you from the Great Bahamas Bank and all I can see is blue water. This passage is much calmer than our last and I am much more onboard with this type of cruising. We are heading quickly to Nassau for a few reasons, to meet up with my dad, fix our engine issue and send me off for a quick business trip to San Francisco. Trent and Henry will be living the high life at a fancy marina while I’m gone.

Cheers from the middle of the ocean!


Trent’s first purchase in Bimini
Finally back on land and enjoying the blue waters of the Bahamas
Arts and crafts while underway
Decked out for the holidays
Murph prefers calm sailing days
It’s like sailing on a lake – Chubb Cay to Nassau

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  1. you are living the dream! Merry Christmas…

    typical December 10 here…cold snow …a white world …deer hunting but 0 so far

    bob thorbrogger

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