Gobble Gobble

In the words of our dear friend Ryan, gobble gobble.  For the last thirteen years, Trent and I have spent Thanksgiving in San Francisco. I remember our first Thanksgiving on Octavia Street with the Rodgers Family like it was yesterday. We had delicious food, drank wine, and played games and that tradition pretty much continued for the next thirteen years.   We have celebrated Thanksgiving at Octavia Street, The Nut, and most recently Geary Plaza. While the Thanksgivings of the last few years at Geary Plaza have been tamer than the ones in our twenties, we have had a great holiday every year. I am so sad to be missing the Thanksgiving celebrations with our “ SF family”.

We will be sharing the day with our marina neighbors with a potluck. I still had to do our own turkey and mashed potatoes; what’s Thanksgiving without leftovers!

Even though I will miss this year’s festivities in San Francisco, we have so much to be grateful for. I mean we went to the pool today! But I am really thankful for our amazing supportive family, great friends, and this little sailing family of mine!

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