Finding our rhythm

We have been out of the US for about 2 months and cautiously I say that we may have finally found our groove. I knew that there would be another period of transition when we left Florida. But even with that knowledge it has been challenging adjusting to our “new” way of life.

The biggest transition has been that Henry is here ALL OF THE TIME. In Florida, Henry was in full time prekindergarten and that allowed both Trent and I to work on projects and have at least a short break. One of the major reasons we chose to become cruisers was that we wanted to have more time with Henry. But it has been a change for all of us.

First off, we have been tackling home school.  We purchased the Timberdoodle preschool kit and didn’t stress too much about it, after all he is only 4.  So far, home school has not been that challenging, as long as we remember to allow for lots of breaks for snacks and playtime as his attention span is very short.  We have been really happy with the Timberdoodle kit; it has some great workbooks, games, and projects.  I would actually consider some of these items even if I wasn’t homeschooling. The other part of the equation that had been missing is playmates. Until a week ago, we had not come across other kids for Henry to play with. We have been fortunate to have Trent’s parents here for a while and they have been incredibly helpful with Henry; even so kids need to play with other kids.  Luckily three other boats with kids came to the marina and Henry has had his pick of friends; although he still only wants to play with Mama Becky (Trent’s mom).

Our other biggest challenge has been getting engine parts to the Bahamas. Back in December, we had an overheating issue during our passage from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini and we are still dealing with it. It all started with a pinhole leak in a hose and from there the overheating catastrophe of 2016 ensued. Trent has spent the better part of two months addressing each of the issues and we think we are close to having everything back in working order. I have to say, it is really expensive to ship anything to the Bahamas. The last engine part (fingers crossed) arrived yesterday and is just waiting to be installed.

I hope this post doesn’t sound to down and out because even with all of the challenges, there are a lot of good things going on and I think we finally have found our sweet spot. This place is beautiful, the people are extremely friendly, and we have finally met some other cruisers.

Our beach view at Palm Cay Marina

Our wheels! Seriously our Costco collapsible wagon has been a lifesaver.
Bob and Becky

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